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Master 500gt or higher

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Required Skills:

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Job Description

Essential Qualifications (Client Specific)

• STCW Master 500t or higher
• All STCW 95 modules including PSA (must have completed Manila amendments)
• ENG1 Medical certificate (in date)
• First Aid Qualification in the last 2 years (this can be Elementary First Aid)
• Defibrillator Training in the last 2 years
• Radar Course Certificate
• Generic ECDIS

Preferable Qualifications

• Proficiency in Medical Care
• Transas (Type specific) ECDIS

Essential Skills

• Must possess the ability to manage a crew effectively
• Must have an understanding of IMS and reporting
• Must be able to delegate tasks and lead effectively
• Must have an experience of time/personnel management
• Must be IT literate
• Must have the ability to write concise and detailed reports on matters concerning, safety, engineering, personnel & incidents
• Must have the ability to work closely with a small and intimate crew
• Must have customer service experience with regards to the clients and passengers
• Must be physically competent


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