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A step in the right direction!
9 months ago
Sure Pride - working out of Lowestoft outer harbour @ Lowestoft
9 months ago
This photo illustrates how changes in technology and materials have allowed us to build more hard wearing and longe…
9 months ago
We can only hope this weather continues! #vessels #ports #containers #rotterdam #crew #recruitment #marine…
10 months ago
A calm professionalism married with a sophisticated and hi tech setting #vessels #ferries #stenaline #sailing…
10 months ago
Great view astern from the port bridge wing of the Stena Hollandica @ Netherlands
10 months ago

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Plastic Oceans UK have been experts on plastic pollution for nearly a decade. This began with their award-winning documentary A Plastic Ocean, now available for streaming on Netflix. Now, they’re solving the plastic crisis through their science, sustainability and education programmes. Through changing attitudes, behaviours and practices on the use and value of plastics, we can stop plastic pollution reaching the ocean within a generation. Ocean Workforce is proud to support Plastic Oceans UK and believes that only through education can we prevent this poisoning of our planet